HQ Office Operations

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We have more than 60 years of experience in some of the world’s most difficult and remote locations. Our extensive experience has equipped us with a deep understanding of the requirements. We confront challenges directly and devise effective solutions to overcome them. With us as a steadfast partner, our clients can focus on their vital missions, secure in the knowledge that we are dedicated to facilitating their crucial work with unwavering commitment and efficiency. Our core mission is to deliver high-quality services, irrespective of their location’s remoteness or complexity.

Governmental Agencies

We specialize in supporting governmental agencies by consistently and reliably delivering mission-critical support services with the highest international standards of quality. Our focus lies in a wide array of offerings, including camp construction, camp support services such as catering, facility management, as well as procurement and logistic solutions. Our solutions empower Agencies to concentrate on their core responsibilities while we ensure the well-being of their personnel in challenging regions.


We are dedicated to supporting Intergovernmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations in their mission to uphold international peace and security, deliver humanitarian aid and promote sustainable development, human rights and environmental conservation. Our commitment extends to providing indispensable support solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether in times of emergency response, deployment to conflict zones, construction and management of refugee camps, or long-term intervention in regions grappling with sustained adversity, we stand ready to assist.


We specialize in delivering superior catering and support services to both onshore and offshore platforms, whether they’re fixed installations or mobile structures on vessels. Acknowledging the sector’s distinct demands, we diligently provide vital assistance, empowering energy companies to optimize productivity within demanding environments. Our dedication extends to serving as a steadfast partner even in the most remote areas. Offshore sites vary, ranging from stationary platforms to mobile vessels, and our extensive experience equips us to excel in these settings. Our formulas ensure our clients receive precisely what they need to thrive.

Business & Industrial

As your trusted partner, we specialize in supporting businesses by delivering comprehensive assistance to streamline operations and ensure peak efficiency. Our services encompass camp construction, camp management, maintenance, catering, cleaning and leisure services. Being your single-source provider, we offer the optimal solution for cost control and maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety across all operational areas. With us by your side, you can confidently navigate even the most challenging environments, knowing that our experience and commitment are dedicated to supporting your operations effectively and efficiently.