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Integrated solutions for remote operations
since 1955

ES-KO is an internationally recognized company that offers rapid, realistic and effective solutions to clients in difficult circumstances rising in extreme geographical locations, unstable political situations and places lacking of adequate infrastructures worldwide.

We provide fast and efficient logistical solutions, camp services, camp construction projects, and risk management and security services, in support of Governmental agencies, Inter and Non-Governmental Organizations, the Energy and Business & Industry sectors.

+65 years of experience
+2,000 Employees
+20 Countries of operation

ES-KO Activities

Our customers can focus on their day-to-day business whilst we provide them with a wide range services, in some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations. Our customers’ well-being is our primary objective and, with our services, they can focus on their daily work with the confidence that ES-KO will take care of all the rest.

Discover the ES-KO Group

Our Group provides turnkey and tailor-made services to support customers wherever they are. We evaluate success through the trust earned by service consistency and customer service excellence; expressed in strong and long-term business relationships. The companies that form the ES-KO Group Limited are ES-KO, Navitrans, Black Bul Group, STCR, Ebrex Cruise Services and EFS Ebrex.

Group Companies


Founded in 1979, Navitrans focuses on Marine & Agency services: husbandry and shipping agency, international and local freight forwarding, procurement and logistics, chartering activities and West-African coastal services. Navitrans mainly serves clients in the Energy sector. Navitrans owns a multi-purpose landing craft vessel for the transportation of goods throughout West Africa and soon in East Africa.

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Black Bull Group

Since 2009, Black Bull Group supports multi-national clients activities in hostile areas through the provision of husbandry services, logistics, bunkering and security and risk assessment. Black Bull Group holds a proven track record of successfully carrying out large-scale assignments for military forces and other defence agencies, including the NSPA, various NATO-country naval and army forces, as well as the US Navy, Air Force and Armed Forces.

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Since 1986, STCR provides Marine Cargo Risk & Liability Services, dealing with average and compensation for damage occurred during transports by land, sea and air. Such services include: transport loss preventions, quality and quantity certifications on liquid and solid cargoes, technical assistance and support on loading and unloading, complete containers’ stuffing and cargo inspections and loss prevention.

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Ebrex Cruise Services

Since 2013, Ebrex Cruise Services (ECS) provides logistics services and supplies to the cruise line industry in the Mediterranean sea and victualing services for cargo vessels in all main global ports.
Ebrex Cruises Services focuses on the procurement of food and non-food items with access to the ECS platform for online orders, integrated logistics support (port storage, warehousing, and FAS delivery), insurance services and technical and innovation services for overall cost savings and energy management.

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EFS Ebrex

Since 1998, EFS Ebrex provides reliable and rapidly deployable products and services tailored to each client. EFS Ebrex delivers end-to-end support options, including supply chain management, logistics, transportation and distribution, subsistence prime vendor services, procurement services, maintenance and repair to any location, no matter how remote, with full compliance, and on-time delivery. EFS Ebrex’s main client is the US Defence.

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